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Cement, Construction & Technology conference
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25-26 February 2014, Marriott Asia Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
Cement, Construction and Technology conference

Meet cement professionals:

Why attend the event?
20+ expert speakers
20+ international exhibitors
350+ buyers & suppliers
10+ hours of networking
key players from 25 countries

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Consultancy, Trade & Network service provider

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Event sponsorship

By hosting or sponsoring a particular aspect of CTN Centre conference, you will become a key partner in the overall event. Taking up sponsorship is a perfect opportunity for new entrants to penetrate the market and for existing companies to launch a new product or service. We offer a range of packages to suit all levels of budget and marketing aspirations that will allow you to promote your brand directly to your target audience:

  • Hosting a welcome party;
  • Hosting a conference lunch;
  • Sponsor the delegate lanyards;
  • Sponsor the delegate bags;
  • Hosting coffee breaks;
  • Hosting an internet cafe;
  • Sponsor the conference documentation;
  • Hosting after session drinks;
  • Sponsor the delegate gift;
  • General conference sponsorship.

Join us as sponsors of the event to gain unique opportunity of raising your company's profile and developing its brand identity worldwide by:

  • benefiting from early marketing publicity;
  • generating sales leads from continuous marketing campaign;
  • expanding your sales territories around the world;
  • portraying leadership and establishing confidence and trust;
  • standing out in front of your competition;
  • creating a platform for new promotional materials;
  • being amongst the first to reserve the prime speaking slots.

Our major sponsors are provided with outstanding marketing opportunities that culminate in face-to-face meetings with customers and prospects:

Direct marketing

Thousands of brochures are distributed to a targeted audience of decision makers. Your branding reaches the market in an intellectual capacity the market recognises you as the leader in the field.


Dedicated account managers call your target market to ensure their participation in the event.

Advertising in trade publications

Working closely with industry publications and media partners, advertising and editorial campaigns will be strategically positioned throughout the year for maximum impact.

Internet marketing

Our dedicated event website is consistently updated with industry and event news. We have a community of professionals who CONSTANTLY refer to our site and ask to be informed every time we launch an event. We also have a significant web banner campaign promoting the event throughout the year.

E-mail and fax marketing

E-newsletters and fax and email marketing campaigns will be systematically rolled out to create awareness and drive traffic to the website, increasing in intensity as the event approaches.

Industry associations

We will work closely with relevant associations and organisations to co-market and publicise this event.

Press relations

Our powerful media partnerships mean journalists attend the event and write articles using the content of your presentations: you are immediately in the news and will be perceived as an innovative force at the cutting-edge of market developments.

For further information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact us!

Confirmed speakers:

Mr. Khaled Hegazy,
Vice Chairman,
Hegazy Group,
Mr. Muzaffer Kayhan,
Ex-Deputy General Manager,
Nuh Cimento,
Mr. Levent Karacelik,
Marvel Ltd,
Mr. Abut Ozsezikli,
General Director,
Medcem Global
Mr. Muhammad Asadullah,
Export & Marketing Manager,
Lucky Cement
Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin,
Editor in Chief,
Bloomberg HT
Mr. Piet Heersche
Cemcon AG
Mr. Tekin Saracoglu,
Chairman of the Istanbul Branch
The Union of Building Inspection
Mr. Gokmen Muftuoglu,
Local Business Developer & Manager
FLSmidth Mekanik Sistemler
Mr. Matteo Magistri,
R & D Manager,
Cement Additives Division,
Mapei SpA,
Mr. Kaan Yalcindag
General Coordinator
Krea Group
Mr. Erman Yerdelen
Chairman, Tatmak & Karyer
Member of the Board, Dogus Grubu
Dr. Latif Onur Ugur - Assistant Associate
Faculty of Technology, Civil Engineering Department
Duzce University

Invitation for speakers

We invite industry professionals who are interested in making a non-commercial presentation at the event to contact us today for more details.

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Why attend the event?
20+ expert speakers
20+ international exhibitors
350+ buyers & suppliers
10+ hours of networking
key players from 25 countries
Cement, Construction & Technology conference Cement, Construction & Technology conference Cement, Construction & Technology conference Cement, Construction & Technology conference Cement, Construction & Technology conference Cement, Construction & Technology conference
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